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Our passion for sustainable energy is ignited by the understanding of its numerous benefits including economic growth, health improvements, actions against climate change, and energy efficiency. Our mission is to educate, inform, and encourage dialogue on the importance, benefits, and advancements of sustainable energy.

The new seaaus.com.au is a fresh platform, completely independent from the previous entity, the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia, which formerly operated under the same domain. Although separate, we share the same passion that drove the former association. We are committed to living up to the ethos of the original association, focused on the same subject yet bringing a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to the table.

Our site aims to serve as a hub for all information relevant to sustainable energy in Australia. From renewable energy technologies like wind, solar, and hydro to governmental policies and individual initiatives, we cover a broad spectrum of topics. Our objective is to provide accurate, engaging, and up-to-date content that will educate readers and inspire them to participate actively in the forward march towards a sustainable future.

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Please note that while we share the former association’s passion, we are not a continuation or revival of the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (SEAA). The information and opinions offered on seaaus.com.au are from a completely new perspective and do not necessarily reflect those of the former association.

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