Landfill Gas & Power
lgplogo2008small.jpgLandfill Gas & Power is quickly emerging as a market leader in the development and management of efficient waste-to-energy technologies. A West Australian company, LGP is generating huge savings for its clients - and the environment - as it extracts landfill gas and converts it into a safe, clean and reliable 'green' energy source. The Company's initiative, technical expertise and committed employees has realised a growing list of successful projects, and recognition for its work both in Australia and overseas. Gas Extraction from six metropolitan sites

LGP currently manages the gas emissions from six landfill sites in the Perth metropolitan area, and also operates four waste-to-energy Power Stations located adjacent to these landfill sites. The Company derives its income from the sale of 'green' electricity to private industry consumers, through long-term contracts. LGP's continuing and successful growth since its establishment in 1993, together with broad acceptance of its technology, reflects the quality of LGP's management, operational support systems, technical proficiency, quality control procedures, and willingness to explore and develop new technologies.

Strategic and Operational Support from Australian Capital Equity Group

LGP is a private company owned by WesTrac Holdings Pty Ltd (WesTrac), WA's Caterpillar equipment dealer. LGP, like WesTrac, is part of Mr Kerry Stokes' Australian Capital Equity group of companies and has strong support strategically, administratively and operationally from Australian Capital Equity and its subsidiaries. The successful growth of the Company since operations began in 1993, together with the quality of its income stream and the acceptance of its technology, demonstrate the quality of LGP's management. The group has also installed reliable financial reporting systems, to ensure management can maintain its control over the financial aspects of the business.

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