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  • Consolidated West Australian public utilities administration a good move - as long as it is quick.

    � SEA welcomes move to overarching utility management by Western Australian Government.
    � Enterprises can deliver new innovative integrated utility services.
    � SEA says learning from water industry can help inform sustainable measures in energy.
    � SEA warns move must be done swiftly and thoroughly and not piecemeal over an extended time.

    The announcement by Premier Barnett yesterday (5 January 2012) of a new Public Utilities Office that will have responsibility for energy water and waste management policy been welcomed by the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (SEA -

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  • Energy safety report on solar panels raises concerns about EnergySafety.

    A report released today on �Electrical safety of grid-connected solar installations in Western Australia' suggests reasons for concern about a high proportion of non-compliant solar panel installations in Western Australia has both been welcomed but also strongly criticised by the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (SEA -

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  • Australian energy white paper only start of journey on clean energy

    The Australian Federal Government has released the Draft Energy White Paper 2011 - Strengthening the Foundation for Australia's Energy Future ( that provides the Australian Government's "overview of Australia's future energy needs to 2030 and defines a ... strategic policy framework to guide the further development of Australia's energy sector."

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  • No banks required - solar cuts four years of your mortgage.

    With no prospect as yet of Australian Reserve Bank interest rate cuts announced on 6 December 2011 being passed on by home loan lenders, there is another way to reduce your mortgage according to the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (SEA -�

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  • Energised kids introduce their own clean energy future bills � the Boya.

    A cool kind of money called the Boya that represents actions to achieve carbon reductions has been launched by its founders, the Maia Maia Project Emissions Reductions Currency System ( at the first participating school, Coolbinia Primary School in Perth, Western Australia.

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  • Australian report reveals a start of the switch from coal to renewables.

    The latest Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics' (BREE) annual publication, Major Electricity Generation Projects, released today (16 November 2011) shows the transformation of Australia's energy mix has begun, with 36 per cent of the committed new investment in gas and 41 per cent in wind.

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  • APEC declaration means fossil fuel subsidies soon to run on less than the smell of an oily rag

    The 19th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders' Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii yesterday (14 November 2011) adopted a declaration to phase out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies and reducing tariffs on green goods.

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2012 Energising WA magazine

The Sustainable Energy Association will, in partnership with The West Australian newspaper, publish its updated membership directory in the 2012 Energising WA magazine.

The fourth edition of SEA's magazine, Energising WA is the only broadly based publication in Western Australia promoting sustainable energy, featuring member-only case studies of the sustainable sector in the State, carrying member-only advertising of their products and services, and including a sustainable energy enterprise member directory. The magazine has a print run of 250 000 copies, with the bulk distributed as a lift-out in The West Australian newspaper 16 March 2012. The remainder are distributed at selected events and conferences around Australia and internationally.

Energising WA 2011 electronic copy here can be downloaded here.

Note - only SEA members will be listed in the directory. If your enterprise wishes to be included in this high profile and widely distributed industry magazine and directory, SEA membership application and payment must be received by Monday, 30 January 2011.

Full details of our constitution (that details the obligations of Members) and details of membership on the application form (detailing the benefits of membership) can be accessed here.

For further information contact Cate Murray - email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , phone +61 8 9228 1292

Carbon | Liability or Opportunity - Joint MOSS and SEA event�

If you want to save money, are concerned about rising rising electricty and fuel prices and the impact of a price on carbon, this is the one event of the year you must attend. Discover the business case that will allow you to mitigate your carbon risk at zero net cost and open the door to innovation. We will explain tried and tested methodologies that have transformed some of the largest organisations in the world, and show you how you can add to your bottom line in ways you would not have imagined possible in the past. We guarantee to cut through the clutter, bebunk the myths and show you a simple, efficient, fool proof path to success.

PERTH Monday 30 January
ADELAIDE Wednesday 1 February
MELBOURNE Friday 3 February
SYDNEY Monday 6 February
BRISBANE Tuesday 7 February

For more information - click here.

Rooftop solar warning

A report released 23 December 2011 on �Electrical safety of grid-connected solar installations in Western Australia' suggests reasons for concern about a high proportion of non-compliant solar panel installations in Western Australia has both been welcomed but also strongly criticised by SEA.

Most importantly, the report is unhelpful in determining how serious or otherwise the issue is; is the issue urgent, and how soon a consumer might need to respond?�What does this mean to someone at home?

In effect, the only reason for concern is if you are planning to undertake electrical work on your house. However, if this is happening, it must by law only be done with the services of a licensed electrical contractor, and a licensed electrical contractor should have the knowledge to deal with this matter.

If your solar installation is operating correctly, there is no need to be concerned, and no need to switch it off. Indeed, quite the reverse is true - manually switch off the connection may trigger the fault described in the report.

If you have concerns over the workmanship of you solar system, you have rights as a customer, and you should contact your installer over the course of the next few months - but don't stop Christmas and New Year because of it.

But if your experience with your supplier was positive, and you had confidence in the team that turned up to install your solar panels, then it is unlikely there will be a problem with the panels on your home at all. Nevertheless, if you have any concerns, contact your installer in the New Year.

Finally, installing solar continues to make a difference - installation of renewable energy on your roof is delivering cheaper electricity to your home, and using the savings of energy generated panels installed by solar on your home could allow you to cut as much as four years off a 25 year $100 000 mortgage.

More information on solar panels can be obtained from SEA's�

SEA Facts on Solar campaign in WA

Facts on Solar campaign newspaper

The Sustainable Energy Association of Australia, with the support of a group of SEA members, will continue to promote solar following a six week advertising campaign in The West Australian newspaper.

As a part of the campaign, SEA has established a new website - Further details in SEA media release.

Our Facts on Solar campaign ( promotes that this is a great time to buy solar.

If you are an SEA member who would like to put solar panels on your homebut have yet to do so, you might also like to take advantage of the Facts on Solar campaign.

Visit, check out the list of suppliers supporting this campaign, and choose a couple of the recommended suppliers to get a quote. When you contact those suppliers, mention you are a SEA member (tell them which Member company you are from), and that you are choosing to support the campaign as well as to get a good deal on solar!


Group up for solar
If you talk with your neighbours, and others in your street or block and have four or five homes close to one another, sign up and install simultaneously. You will find that, as a group, your chosen supplier may be able to offer you all a further saving on your installation costs.

You can of course access an even longer list of solar providers from the SEA member directory via the Membership menu above.

If you are a SEA member solar installer company in WA not yet involved in the campaign, you can still support the campaign and be listed on the portal, contact us.. If you are a solar business in another state and want to have this campaign start in your state too, let SEA know.�If you are not a SEA member, and would like to support SEA through membership and also support this campaign, please�contact us.

Expansion of the campaign for a longer period (and to other parts of Australia) will be reliant on additional industry support.�

Energising SEA EXPO 2013, March 2013, Perth, Western Australia

Location: Perth, Western Australia

The Energising SEA EXPO is an international business-business exhibition and conference designed to bring new and existing business, both suppliers and customers, together to create business opportunties and build stronger supply chains.

To obtain further information on exhibiting, contact� This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


WA Feed-in-Tariff Suspension�

SEA has prepared a question and answer document about SEA's position on feeding renewables into the grid following the suspension of the Feed-in Tariff scheme in Western Australia.�pdf�FiT FAQ 92.51 Kb

Your 6-Star Guide to building an energy efficient home �

The�pdf�6 Star Guide�explains specific ways in which to improve the energy efficiency of your new home.�SEA thanks ABSA, AGI Insulation, BGC, Bradford, Chromagen and My Solar for their support in�developing this booklet.�Hon Greg Combet presenting Australia's Clean Energy Future. SEA Event

Does your business say yes to action on climate change?�pdfJoin us�and make a difference.�

Contact SEA

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The Sustainable Energy Association of�Australia�Incorporated (SEA)�has around 400 industry members from most industry sectors and is one of the largest energy chambers in Australia. SEA lobbies for substantive action at local, state and national level on sustainable energy across all areas and sectors of Australiaʼs economy.�SEA members are involved in, and committed to, sustainable energy practices and including but not limited to energy efficiency across government, business and the community in infrastructure; architecture and design of buildings and homes; performance of appliances, vehicles, machinery, and industrial processes; use of renewable energy including in both generation and passive use in all forms of heating, ventilation and cooling from any renewable source, and inclusive of businesses offering or using services and products that manage or offset greenhouse gas emissions in transition to sustainable energy use.
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