Reversal of Feed in Tariff Decision a Victory for Solar PV and the Community

The Sustainable Energy Association ( is delighted to learn of the WA State Government's reversal of its decision to cut the residential solar feed in tariff rate. 

After four intense days of public backlash, it is a victory for the community and for renewable energy, SEA said today.

"The Government wildly underestimated the anger this would generate in the community, as we've seen over the last few days," said Chief Executive Kirsten Rose. 

"It was an ill-considered decision in the first place. Reversing it is the right thing to do.  "Credit to the WA Government for recognising the important role that residential solar PV plays in reducing our demand for non-renewably generated electricity, and in reducing the need for costly network upgrades." 

"Our hope is that this will further reinforce to governments -- in WA, across Australia, and globally -- the high level of public support for renewable energy."