Western Power

Western Power is an electricity networks corporation. westernpowersmalllogo.gif

Western Power is owned by the Western Australian Government but, as a corporation, operates as a enterprise making commercial decisions based on regulations.

Western Power transports electricity from power stations to towns and cities and then distributes it to homes and businesses. This is done via a large network of power lines known as the South West Interconnected System (SWIS).

Western Power is responsible for maintaining this network and restoring power after interruptions.

Western Power also develop the network to meet the needs of customers and developers and to bring electricity to new areas.

Companies who produce electricity (generators) and companies who sell electricity (retailers) all have access to the Western Power network.

Electricity retailers buy power from electricity generators and pay Western Power a fee for transporting that electricity through the network to their customers.

Western Power is a Government owned corporation with an independent Board of Directors, who provide high-level strategic advice on the direction of the business.

Western Power is accountable to its Board, regulators and to the State Government.

Western Power pays tax on its profits and pays dividends to the Government. The remainder of our earnings are reinvested into the business and the network.

As a monopoly, Western Power return on investment is determined by the Economic Regulation Authority.

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