Publications 2009

WA Feed in Tariff

The WA SEA response to WA Feed In Tariff is available below.

pdf wasea_response_to_fit-_final 403.60 Kb 


R&D Tax Credits

Download the WA SEA R&D Tax Credits submission

pdf treasury_submission_on_rd_tax_credit_issues_oct_2009 88.96 Kb



The WA SEA Submission to the COAG RET Review is available for download below.

pdf wasea-coagsubmissiondp1 64.11 Kb

pdf wasea-coagsubmissiondp2 39.75 Kb

pdf wasea-coagsubmissiondp3 62.36 Kb


Green Car Innovation Fund 

The Green Car Innovation Fund will direct $1.3 billion in tax payer dollars, and is relevant not only to manufacturers, but also car buyers both in the community and across business including commercial fleet operators. Customers must be broadly consulted as a part of achieving the best outcome for this expenditure. Further, Universities and other parties interested in research and development in Western Australia will also be disadvantaged by this arrangements. 

Originally, consultation sessions were scheduled to the first week of February in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, but with no consultations advertised for Perth. WA SEA raised the matter up with AusIndustry arranged for a consultation session in Perth. the following week.

The framework paper is on-line at - and is what will be covered in the consultation sessions. 

Green Car Innovation Fund pdf WA SEA Submission 476.08 Kb 

WA SEA Renewable Energy Target (RET)

The RET workshop held at the WA SEA office on Wednesday 4 February was a great success with over 20 members attending to put forward recommendations which will be used in WA SEA's submission to the Federal Government. Thank you to all who attended. 

WA SEA submissions:

Comments on the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment Bill 2008 exposure draft legislation pdf Submission here 163.66 Kb

Comments on the treatment of electricity-intensive, trade-exposed industries under the expanded national Renewable Energy Target scheme pdf Submission here 156.61 Kb