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2013 Model Solar Challenge  

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Energising Kids is a program of the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia to help build awareness of renewable energy and energy efficiency with the next generation of decision.

SEA is also promoting a cool kind of money called the Boya that represents actions to achieve carbon reductions. The first project has been launched by its founders, the Maia Maia Project Emissions Reductions Currency System ( at the first participating school, Coolbinia Primary School in Perth, Western Australia.

Children at Coolbinia PS have put their own value on carbon pollution in their community by issuing a local currency that is issued according to how many reductions are achieved by the school as they implement their "10 Tonne Plan" to reduce the school's greenhouse gas emissions.

One Boya is created for each 10 kilograms of greenhouse pollution reduction they achieve through climate friendly initiatives such as composting food waste at the school, growing vegetables organically, maintaining the natural bushland on the school grounds, students involved in reducing car journeys to school through participation in the TravelSmart Walking School Bus program, and using recycling proceeds to fund a Solar Lanterns project at their Solar Sister school in Uganda.

The currency is named the Boya after trading tokens used traditionally by the indigenous Nyoongar people of south-west Western Australia.

The Boya can then be traded within the school for produce from the schools organic garden, for discounts in Coolbinia PS fetes, and also can exchange for discounts on goods at a growing number of participating local businesses that want to show support for the initiative and the school.

Boyas and the 10 Tonne Plan

The official launch of Boya was combined with delivery of the results of the Coolbinia PS 10 Tonne Plan (, a program for the school to create 10 tonnes of reductions in greenhouse gas emissions held at the school today Friday 18 November 2011.

SEA is pleased to be supporting the initiative through our Energising Kids program.

The 10 Tonne Plan at the Coolbinia Primary School, partnering with the Maia Maia Project, has been supported by the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia, Waste Authority of Western Australia, Waste Wise Schools and Solar Sister. 


Next Events

SEA has regular events throughout the year. Please check back for details.


Past events - 2012

Lunch with Hon Mike Rann - Chairman, Low Carbon Australia

Parmelia Hilton Hotel, Mill Street, Perth, Western Australia - Thursday, 12 July 2012 from 12 noon to 2:30pm mike_rann_2_small.jpg
The Sustainable Energy Association of Australia cordially invites you to lunch with the Chairman ofLow Carbon Australia, the Hon Mike Rann.
Mike Rann, former Premier of South Australia, was Australia's - and one of the world's - first Minister for Sustainability and Climate Change. His ten years as Premier saw major transformation of the South Australian economy and significant diversification into renewable energy. Today, 26% of South Australia's electricity comes from wind and the State leads in domestic solar take up. Voluntary sector agreements to reduce emissions were pursued with a variety of industries and organisations.  
Mr Rann has recently become Chairman of Low Carbon Australia (LCAL), established by the Australian Government in 2010 with initial funding of $100 million. LCAL provides innovative finance for business to fund energy efficiency improvements as part of the transition to a low carbon economy. Low Carbon Australia works with financial institutions to leverage private funds and finances eligible businesses for the upgrading of commercial buildings, industrial plant and premises and distributed generation projects.  
Mr Rann attended Rio+20 where he chaired The Climate Group's States and Regions meeting. He will be sharing with us some of the global perspectives and latest developments from the summit.
Come along to learn more.

New economics for turblent times

Thursday, 8 March 2012 | Perth Town Hall, Barrack Street, Perth

With renowned economics, finance and energy expert Nicole Foss - aka "Stoneleigh" (The Automatic Earth)

Nicole Foss warns that energy shortages, climate change, population growth, food insecurity and political unrest are forming a "perfect storm" that will disrupt our whole industrial system. What does this mean for WA? Will our resource riches protect us from the global crisis or are we about to go down with the ship? British-born Canadian Nicole Foss was a Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. She now writes under the name "Stoneleigh" at Ms Foss will present her analysis of the coming financial storm, followed by a panel discussion with Scott Ludlam - Australian Greens Senator WA, Professor Daniel Packey - Department of Mineral and Energy Economics, Curtin Graduate School of Business and Professor Ray Wills - Chief Executive of Sustainable Energy Association.

Entry to this event will be by donation.

Carbon | Liability or Opportunity - Joint MOSS and SEA event 

If you want to save money, are concerned about rising rising electricty and fuel prices and the impact of a price on carbon, this is the one event of the year you must attend. Discover the business case that will allow you to mitigate your carbon risk at zero net cost and open the door to innovation. We will explain tried and tested methodologies that have transformed some of the largest organisations in the world, and show you how you can add to your bottom line in ways you would not have imagined possible in the past. We guarantee to cut through the clutter, bebunk the myths and show you a simple, efficient, fool proof path to success.

PERTH Monday 30 January
ADELAIDE Wednesday 1 February
MELBOURNE Friday 3 February
SYDNEY Monday 6 February
BRISBANE Tuesday 7 February

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