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 SEA Policy and submissions

pdf SEA Submission - Clean Energy Finance Corporation 833.15 Kb Dec 11

pdf SEA Submission - Western Power Access Arrangements 172.04 Kb Dec 11

pdf SEA Submission - Light Vehicle CO2 Emissions Standards 308.74 Kb Nov 11

pdf SEA Submission - 2010 Wholesale Electricity Market Report 470.56 Kb Nov 11

pdf SEA Submission - Clean Technology Programs 290.40 Kb Oct 11

pdf SEA Submission - Public Transport_2031 823.19 Kb Oct 11

pdf SEA Solar Industry Survey 256.93 Kb Oct 11

pdf SEA Residential Mandatory Disclosure - Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement 75.69 Kb

pdf SEA Solar Feed in Tariffs 779.56 Kb Sep 11

pdf SEA Energy Retrofit Accreditation 169.89 Kb Aug11

pdf SEA Carbon Policy 79.76 Kb Jun 11 

pdf SEA SEI Discussion Paper Energy 2031 691.06 Kb

pdf SEA Senate Skills Sub 369.88 Kb Feb11

pdf SEA Rural Wind Farms 386.42 Kb  Feb11

pdf SEA Rural Wind Farms Sub 2 386.27 Kb Mar11

pdf SEA Rural Wind Farms Addendum 464.08 Kb Apr11

 SEA Publications

Your 6-Star Guide to building an energy efficient home

If you are thinking about building a new home, affordability is without a doubt a key concern. However, affordability is not just about the initial costs of construction. With rising energy and water costs, the affordability equation now needs to include the living costs that you will experience over the life of your new home. So by making your home energy efficient, you'll be saving money - money that you can use on creature comforts, or reinvest to reduce the time it takes to pay off your home. This pdf booklet explains specific ways in which to improve the energy efficiency of your new home.

SEA thanks ABSA, AGI Insulation, BGC, Bradford, Chromagen and My Solar for their support in developing this booklet. 


ENERGISING WA 2011 Magazine published 23 February 2011 - download copy pdf Energising WA 2011 magazine 14.59 Mb.

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