Events 2005
  • 3/11/2005, Dr Spenser Havlick discussed what is possible and what had been done in Boulder City, Colorado.
  • 18/10/2005, Hon Paul Llewellyn presented his WA legislation designed to continue where the MRET scheme left off.
  • 29/9/2005, Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, Hon Alannah MacTiernan, provided an update of the feasibility study and outlined the industry consultation process about to be undertaken.
  • 18/8/2005, Director, Sustainability Centre Pty Ltd, Dr Mark Diesendorf, who launched the WA Clean Energy Future Report identifiying how WA can meet its future energy needs via a mix of energy efficiency and cleaner electricity supply measures.
  • 14/7/2005, Renewable Energy Generators of Australia Ltd, Hon Peter Rae Chairman, who discussed global trends in the international energy scene, their impact on Australia?s renewable energy industry, the COP 10 conference and the International Renewable Energy Alliance (IREA).
  • 13/4/2005, Project Director, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Trial, Mr Simon Whitehouse, who gave an update of the trial, discussed the technology used and highlighted both the triumphs and tribulations of the project to date.