Events 2007
  • 27/11/2007, Going carbon neutral - challenges, responsibilities, opportunities
    Presentation by WA SEA CEO, Dr Ray Wills at the GHD Sustainability Seminar 27 Nov 07 - pdf wills-ghdcarbonneutnov07short 1.08 Mb
  • 22/11/2007, Hot rocks and hot water - developing geothermals in south-west Presentation by WA SEA CEO, Dr Ray Wills at the WA Critical Horizons Renewable Energy Seminar 22 Nov 07 - details available
  • 23/10/2007, Building Toward Kyoto with Mr Sam Nelson, Director of Greenbase
    Popular understanding of the Kyoto Protocol is poor and the politics surrounding it have only contributed to this sad state. The purpose of this talk is to discuss the practical mechanisms of the agreement and the rationale behind them. Download a copy of presentation pdf buildingtowardskyoto 25/10/2007,21:57 1.77 Mb
  • 18/10/2007 Global climate change - is your business ready? Presentation by Dr Ray Wills to the EO Group at the Royal Perth Yacht Club
    pdf wills-eo07short 22/10/2007,11:53 1.78 Mb (note - some content deleted to reduce file size)
  • 15/10/2007 Sixth Annual General Meeting of WA SEA, Monday, 15 October 2007 doc 2007 AGM Notice 207.50 K  doc 2007 AGM WASEA Activities report 48.50 Kb
  • 28/08/2007, Why oil companies won’t tell you world oil production has peaked.
    Featuring Dr David Worth, Convenor, Sustainable Transport Coalition
  • 17/8/2007, How will climate change affect your business in the Peel Region?
    Breakfast in Mandurah featuring Dr Ray Wills and Hon David Templeman Minister for Environment; Climate Change and Peel