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  • Palmer United Party Stand on RET Welcomed

    Wednesday 25th June 2014

    The WA Renewable Energy Alliance (WAREA) congratulates Clive Palmer and the Palmer United Party for moving to promote and protect the developing renewable energy sector.

    Today Mr Palmer announced that the Party would not support change to the Renewable Energy Target (RET) until at least after the next Federal election.

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    Friday 23 May 2014

    The announcement today of Australia's first major off-grid solar farm in the mining sector to be built in far north Queensland is great news for renewable energy, the resources sector, and for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), who are providing funding for the project, the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (www.seaaus.com.au) said today.

    The 6.7 megawatt solar photovoltaic (PV) farm will be built in two stages at SEA member Rio Tinto's remote bauxite operations in Weipa. ARENA is providing $3.5million toward the first stage of the project, which with an initial capacity of 1.7MW will provide power to the mine, town and port facilities.

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  • Budget Delivers Big Blows to Sustainable Energy

    13 May 2014

    The Government's axing of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) in the Federal Budget is both a regressive step for Australia and a reversal of a pre-election commitment to retain the Agency, said the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (seaaus.com.au) today.

    "ARENA was designed to increase the supply of renewable energy in Australia, and to make it more affordable. It has been welcomed by both the industry and by investors, who were looking at Australia as a growing market for clean technologies," SEA Chief Executive Kirsten Rose said tonight.

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  • RET Review Begins

    17 February 2014

    The Federal Government today announced the beginning of their review of Australia's Renewable Energy Target (RET), with an emphasis on evaluating its effectiveness and cost.

    The Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (www.seaaus.com.au) believes this is an opportunity for the renewable energy industry to reiterate the substantial benefits a stable target has delivered - and will continue to deliver - to the Australian economy.

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  • New SEA Board Announced at 2013 AGM

    The Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (www.seaaus.com.au) held its Annual General Meeting yesterday and is pleased to announce new members on its board.

    SEA welcomes two new board members, Rodney Littlejohn, Managing Director of Tersum Energy (www.tersumenergy.com) and Antony Piccinini of FRV Services Australia (www.frv.com).

    Rod and Antony fill board vacancies arising from the resignations of Alannah MacTiernan, the recently elected Federal Member for Perth, and Harry Porrins, a founding member of SEA.

    Kelli Friar of Horizon Power and Sean Webb of UWA were re-elected to the board, and Board member Mike Laughton-Smith of Balance Services Group was elected Chairman. Ray Wills of Duda&Wills continues in his role as Deputy Chair.


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  • SEA 2013 Federal Election Policy Scorecard

    The Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (www.seaaus.com.au) today releases its2013 Policy Scorecard in advance of the Federal election on 7 September. SEA's Scorecard evaluates the policies of the leading political parties against the needs and objectives of the sustainable energy industry. Download Scorecardhere.

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  • Reversal of Feed in Tariff Decision a Victory for Solar PV and the Community

    The Sustainable Energy Association (www.seaaus.com.au) is delighted to learn of the WA State Government's reversal of its decision to cut the residential solar feed in tariff rate.

    After four intense days of public backlash, it is a victory for the community and for renewable energy, SEAsaid today.

    "The Government wildly underestimated the anger this would generate in the community, as we've seen over the last few days," said Chief Executive Kirsten Rose.

    "It was an ill-considered decision in the first place. Reversing it is the right thing to do. "Credit to the WA Government for recognising the important role that residential solar PV plays in reducing our demand for non-renewably generated electricity, and in reducing the need for costly network upgrades."

    "Our hope is that this will further reinforce to governments -- in WA, across Australia, and globally -- the high level of public support for renewable energy."


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13 June 2014 - CitySwitch Green Office Program

SEA has joined CitySwitch Green Office which currently has over 600 commercial office tenancies signed up to the free national energy efficiency program. The program embraces a diverse cross-section of industry, including financial services, architecture, government, legal services, the property sector and not-for-profits - and these commercial tenancies cover more than TWO MILLION square metres. The CitySwtich Green Office program works with tenants to reduce carbon output and increase energy efficiency, as well as saving money on power bills by implementing an energy plan that covers technology, behaviours and the features of the building itself. Each tenancy is eligible to receive a free energy audit to identify relevant no-and-low-cost energy upgrades and benchmark energy efficiency improvements using the NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) tool.

If you are a small to medium sized office-based business, and are interested in finding out more information, please contact Christina Hughes at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit www.cityswitch.net.au.



WA EnergySafety issued a warning on 21 May 2014 about a switch used in some solar PV systems installed since January 1, 2012 that may be dangerous. Specific makes and models of this switch are faulty and have caused fires in homes and businesses in Queensland and New South Wales.

This is not an issue that affects all systems, but it's important to check whether your PV system includes one of the potentially faulty switches. The type of switch that is at issue is called a DC isolator', and it is used to disconnect the current produced by the solar panels so electricians can work safely on the installation.

Although all PV systems will have a DC isolator, there are many brands of this type of switch and only a few are potentially faulty. The defective brands are:

Avanco' branded DC isolators
PV Power' branded DC isolators
GEN3' and SPM' branded isolators

Although the Sustainable Energy Association believes these isolators are not used widely in Western Australia, we remind members and consumers alike that safety is the most important concern. We strongly advise PV owners to follow the instructions issued by Energy Safety which can be found here, and check to see if their system includes one of the defective isolators. Detailed instructions on what to look for can be found here.

If you believe your system does include one of these brands of DC isolators, please follow EnergySafety's instructions for shutting down your system, which a homeowner can do simply and safely. Then contact the PV retailer you bought your system from.

If you have any difficulty reaching the PV retailer, contact EnergySafety directly on 08 6251 1900 or contact SEA directly on 08 9228 1292 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


RET Review Submission

SEA has co-authored a submission to the RET Review with WAREA - WA Renewable Energy Alliance, a group of individuals and organisations formed to advocate against any dilution or removal of the RET.

A delegation from SEA and WAREA recently appeared before the RET Review Panel in Perth, where the focus of the session was on investment, jobs, and certainty (both SRES and LRET), and the benefits of renewables and the problems of taking away the RET.

Key points from the submission were covered, and all representatives did a great job bringing many of those points to life through 'real life' examples.

There was a good balance between discussing overall issues and how those play out here in WA, and they were able to point out some of the subtle, but important differences between the WEM and the NEM.

To read the submission to the RET Review please click here.

March 2014 - Energising WA 2014 - 6th Edition

Read the latest stories and acheivements from a selection of our members in the electronic edition of our annual liftout produced in conjuction with The West Australian Newspaper - a SEA Enterprise member. To download a low resolution PDF copy (3mb) please click on the cover image below, or for a higher resolution (11mb) please click here.



2012 - 6 Star Building Guides

Save yourself money with practical ways to improve the energy efficiency Australia. Download our 6-Star guide to BUILDING an energy efficient home and our 6-star guide to OPERATING an energy efficient home.

SEA thanks BGC, ABSA, AGI Insulation, Bradford, Chromagen, Commodore Homes, HomeStart, Impressions, My Solar, National Homes, Now Living, Perceptions, Stratawise, WA Housing Centre, Stratawise, Intelligence4start, First Choice Allied Health, Dicom Interactive Australia and DVMA for their support in developing these booklets.

Work in the Sustainable/Renewable Energy Industry

If you are looking to change careers to one in sustainable energy, make use of SEA's member directory to find one of its member enterprises in the training and education sectors to start your retraining and career expansion, or contact one of our members to enquire about employment.

Perhaps working with SEA may be of interest. SEA is a lean, not- for-profit industry association, but it is always happy to consider volunteers and unpaid interns to help keep research and information provision at its best. If you would like to know more and you know you have what it takes to build a better sustainable energy future for Australia, please contact us.


The Sustainable Energy Association of Australia Incorporated (SEA) has around 250 industry members from most industry sectors and is one of the largest energy chambers in Australia. SEA lobbies for substantive action at local, state and national levels on sustainable energy across all areas and sectors of Australiaʼs economy. SEA members are involved in, and committed to, sustainable energy practices and including but not limited to energy efficiency across government, business and the community in infrastructure; architecture and design of buildings and homes; performance of appliances, vehicles, machinery, and industrial processes; use of renewable energy including in both generation and passive use in all forms of heating, ventilation and cooling from any renewable source, and inclusive of businesses offering or using services and products that manage or offset greenhouse gas emissions in transition to sustainable energy use.
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